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“A Wine Journey is a delight.  Terry and Kathy take you on their intimate journey with wine and the craft of wine making.  A beautifully written account of a dedicated and loving couple who desire for a true understanding of everything that goes into creating a perfect glass of wine.  More than just a book about wine, A Wine Journey is an inspirational memoir that is sure to create a movement of true wine enthusiasts looking for a deeper connection with a wine lifestyle.” –Sherrie Wilkolaski, author, IFWTWA Treasurer

“Terry and Kathy’s inspiring book unwinds the story of how their interest in wine tasting turns into a passion for learning about wine in all its aspects, including making it.  Readers will be treated to practical information about winemaking while following along on this fun and educational personal journey of discovery.  This book provides a great starting point for anyone interested in starting their own wine journey!” –Theresa Beaver, Viticulture and Enology Certificate Coordinator, Washington State University

“Terry and Kathy have brought us back to a style of writing about wine that is reminiscent of the original wine journals.” –Regina McCarthy, author

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